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Photos of the training of the entire (Rebel) Government of Eastern DRC
held in February 2002

Note: 1/ Please contact Tony Lenart if you would like higher quality pictures.
Otherwise feel free to copy and paste from here (without asking for permission).
2/ Selected pictures are shown first, then
pictures of the training, and you can then scroll down for some pictures of the devastation wrought by the Volcano just 2 weeks before the conference.
3/ Click here for the Full Story: 
Helping to End the War in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Convention Centre - 20m from the rubble

Tony Lenart, Chairman-Institute of Advanced Leadership (International) andAzarias Ruberwa, General Secretary (Prime Minister) of the RCD at the completion of the training in Conflict Resolution, Reconciliation and Leadership provided to their 178 most senior officials.

The room Tony has been staying in when in Kigali - in order to maximise the funds to use in ending wars and poverty.



An out-of-date sign showing when the Volcano has erupted.
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