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("One-on-One Work" covers One-on-One Leadership Development, Management Mastery Programs, Personal Breakthrough Sessions, Performance Enhancement Intensives, and Counselling)

Our rate for work performed outside Australia is US$250 per hour of face to face consulting. (Or US$333/hr for two facilitators.)

Every hour of face to face work charged for, includes a provision for an additional two hours of preliminary work and personalised preparation (at no charge).

And all expenses are covered by us. i.e. There is no charge for airfare, accommodation & food, travel expenses, equipment hire, or the provision of a substantial amount of reference materials (books, tapes, videos, profiles, software etc).

N.B. These rates apply for a minimum of 7 days work in any one trip (though it may be spent with many people). For 3 to 4 days work, you will need to cover the air fare, but we'll pay for everything else. Other time periods are by negotiation.

P.S. We are also happy to charge for work performed outside Australia, at the standard rates that apply for training in Australia. However, we will charge for some travel time. And whereas we would normally cover for all expenses, in this case we would charge for the additional expenses relating to overseas work: - ie airfares, accommodation etc. You would also need to tell us well in advance that you wished us to charge you on this basis.

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